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Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Wishes

NZ Aviation Notes
would like to take this opportunity to wish all readers a

NZ Aviation notes will be back in the new year.

Pre-Christmas Notes

Qantas mainline have added a 3rd weekly flight to the SYD-ZQN route for the summer holiday period with QF183/184 operating on Sundays

QF183 SYD-ZQN 0855-1350
QF184 ZQN-SYD 1455-1555

The first flight on Sunday 20-December-2009 was operated by Boeing 737-838 VH-VXE, the last flight is scheduled for Sunday 14-February-2010

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand have launched their SYD-ROT service with the inaugural service on Saturday 12-December-2009 being operated by Airbus A320-232 ZK-OJE.
The route is currently operating 1x weekly but this increases to 2x weekly from today Monday 21-December-2009.

The Summer trans-tasman schedule to "regional" airports is as follows.
  • SYD-ROT-SYD 2x weekly Mo, Sa
  • SYD-ZQN-SYD 2x weekly Tu, Sa
  • SYD-DUD-SYD 2x weekly Mo, Fr (Commenced Friday 4-December-2009 operated by ZK-OJD)
  • BNE-ZQN-BNE 1x weekly Su (Commenced Sunday 20-December-2009 operated by ZK-OJO)
  • MEL-ZQN-MEL 1x weekly Sa (Commencing Saturday 26-December-2009)
  • MEL-DUD-MEL 1x weekly Th (commenced Thursday 17-December-2009 operated by ZK-OJG)

Pacific Blue
Pacific Blue was slightly affected by tropical cyclone Mick which hit Fiji on Monday 14-December-2009, with ZK-PBM and ZK-PBF both doing mid-air turn backs to BNE and SYD respectively.

Pacific Blue was replaced by fellow Virgin group airline V Australia on the SYD-NAN route on Friday 18-December-2009, with the route now being flown by the V Australia 77Ws. This has freed up the Pacific Blue 73H that was on this route. As a result:

SYD-WLG-SYD moves to 5x weekly (weekdays) up from 3x weekly.
AKL-SYD-AKL moves to 11x weekly up from daily

Sunday 20-December-2009 saw:
ZK-PBK operate SYD-NAN-SYD as DJ9155/9154 in lieu of the V Australia 77W.
ZK-PBM operated BNE-VLI-BNE as DJ9181/9180 while
VH-VUN operated the scheduled BNE-NAN-BNE DJ177/176

Thursday, December 10, 2009

10 Dec Notes

Time for a bit of a catch up with the notes....

Qantas retired the final Boeing 737-300 in their fleet with the departure of Boeing 737-376 ZK-JNC on Saturday 21-November-2009.

ZK-JNC operated its last revenue service on Monday 09-November-2009 as QF126/125 AKL-BNE-AKL. On Saturday 21-November-2009 it started its final flights as QF6024 AKL-APW-HNL before continuing on Monday 23-November-2009 from HNL-TUS as QF6026.

Boeing 737-476 ZK-JTR returned to service on Thursday 19-November after returning to AKL form its C-check in CHC as QF6171 on Wednesday 18-November-2009.

Jetstar have reduced their AKL-CHC return services to 5x daily with the removal of JQ257/258 effective Tuesday 1-December-2009.

Air New Zealand
Air New Zealand have operated a number of charter flights with their A320s from SYD-NAN and return.

  • The first was operated by A320 ZK-OJD as NZ1141A/1141B/6240/1144 WLG-SYD-NAN-SYD-WLG
  • The second operated with A320 ZK-OJN NZ1103A/1103B/6240 AKL-SYD-NAN-CHC with the aircraft positioning to CHC with a mechanical issue.
  • This was then replace by A320 ZK-OJC which then operated the third flights NZ6291/1231/1106A/1106B CHC-SYD-NAN-SYD-AKL

Air New Zealand also carried out route proving exercises into Rotorua on Thursday 26-November-2009 in preparation for the launch of the SYD-ROT-SYD services on December 12th. A320 ZK-OJB operated the flights as NZ6021 AKL-ROT /NZ6023 ROT-local-ROT /NZ6024 ROT-AKL

Pacific Blue
Pacific Blue have made the following change to their Apia service.

The Tuesday AKL-APW-BNE-APW-AKL has moved to Saturday with the Tuesday flight now only operating AKL-APW-AKL.

Pacific Blue (Aust) introduced Perth-Phuket on Saturday 14-November-2009 with the inaugural DJ4149 being operated by Boeing 737-8FE VH-VUG.
DJ4149/4148 operates twice weekly with the outbound flights tuesday and saturday and the return flights Wednesday and Sunday.

This means a small change with the movement to accomodate this.

The Saturday schedule used to see Pacific Blue operate
this has now changed to
with the MEL service operating from CHC

Pacific Blue operated another charter to Christmas Island with Boeing 737-8FE VH-VUM positioning from MEL to PER as DJ9051 on Tuesday 1-December-2009 before operating PER-XCH-PER-MEL as DJ9001/9002 on Wednesday 2-December-2009

Trip Report with DJ and NZ

NZ for the weekend, BNE-SYD-CHC//BHE-WLG-CHC-BNE - The Aussie Aviator.Net

For those of you interested this is the trip report I completed on my recent return to NZ for the weekend.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Schedule Changes

Several schedule changes from the operators over the period.

Jetstar have adjusted the timings of their Auckland Trans-Tasman services with the AKL-OOL flight moving to the morning slot, and the AKL-SYD flight moving to the afternoon slot. This brings a change to the flight codes, and offers a far superior connection on the one stop service from AKL to Japan via OOL on either JQ11 OOL-NRT (1050 Daily) or JQ19 OOL-KIX (1005 Daily)
  • JQ238 AKL-OOL 0715-0745 Daily
  • JQ239 OOL-AKL 0900-1500 Daily
  • JQ204 AKL-SYD 1550-1715 Daily
  • JQ205 SYD-AKL 1755-2300 Daily

Pacific Blue
Pacific Blue have adjusted their schedules from Christchurch to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Sydney services operate 5x weekly
  • DJ71 CHC-SYD 0600-0725 Mon, Weds, Fri, Sat, Sun
  • DJ72 SYD-CHC 1905-0010* Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun
Melbourne now operates daily
  • DJ61 CHC-MEL 0700-0850 Daily
  • DJ60 MEL-CHC 0935-1450 Daily ex Sat
  • DJ62 MEL-CHC 1845-2359 Sat
Brisbane reduces back to a daily flight
  • DJ83 CHC-BNE 1635-1725 Mon-Fri, Sun
  • DJ4083 CHC-BNE 1625-1715 Sat (Operated by Pacific Blue (Aust) )
  • DJ82 BNE-CHC 1820-0045 Mon-Fri, Sun
  • DJ4080 BNE-CHC 0915-1540 Sat (Operated by Pacific Blue (Aust) )
Changes from Auckland are to the Melbourne service with the Saturday flight operating MEL-AKL-MEL instead of AKL-MEL-AKL as usual.

Air New Zealand
Air New Zealand have made changes to their schedules with the ending of the seasonal flights from Brisbane to Dunedin, Melbourne to Queenstown, as well as Wellington to Coolangatta, Christchurch & Wellington to Nadi, and Christchurch to Rarotonga.

This has the most effect on Wellington trans-tasman services with the schedule now as follows
Wellington-Brisbane Daily
  • NZ169 WLG-BNE 0625-0710 Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun
  • NZ163 WLG-BNE 1550-1635 Mon, Tues, Thurs
  • NZ162 BNE-WLG 0810-1435 Weds, Fri, Sat
  • NZ166 BNE-WLG 1700-2325 Sun
  • NZ166 BNE-WLG 1735-2359 Mon, Tues, Thurs
Wellington-Sydney 9x Weekly
  • NZ141 WLG-SYD 0640-0820 Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat
  • NZ143 WLG-SYD 1530-1710 Weds, Thurs, Fri Sun
  • NZ142 SYD-WLG 0920-1430 Mon, Thurs, Fri
  • NZ144 SYD-WLG 1810-2320 Tues-Sun
Wellington - Melbourne Daily
  • NZ151 WLG-MEL 0625-0830 Mon, Tue, Thurs
  • NZ153 WLG-MEL 1535-1740 Weds, Fri, Sat, Sun
  • NZ152 MEL-WLG 0915-1445 Mon, Tues, Thurs, Sun
  • NZ158 MEL-WLG 1840-0010* Weds, Fri, Sat

Monday, October 26, 2009

26 october Notes

Qantas Jetconnect

Jetconnect's third Boeing 737-838 ZK-ZQC Katherine Mansfield entered service on Thursday 22-October-2009 as QF25 MEL-AKL.

Flight changes/notables during the period include:
  • Saturday 10-October-2009 Boeing 737-838 VH-VXG BNE-ZQN-BNE QF6031/6032
  • Tuesday 13-October-2009 Boeing 737-838 ZK-ZQA AKL-dvtOOL-BNE as QF126 due storms in BNE
  • Saturday 17-October-2009 Boeing 737-476 ZK-JTP AKL-WLG QF6171
  • Saturday 17-October-2009 Boeing 737-476 ZK-JTR WLG-CHC QF6019 to C-check
  • Wednesday 21-October-2009 QF142 AKL-MEL not flown due EIS of ZK-ZQC following morning
  • Thursday 22-October-2009 Boeing 737-376 ZK-JNC AKL-WLG QF6071
  • Thursday 22-October-2009 Boeing 737-476 VH-TJW QF47/48 SYD-WLG-SYD
  • Friday 23-October-2009 Boeing 737-476 ZK-JTP WLG-AKL QF6172
  • Saturday 24-October Boeing 737-838 VH-VXN operated QF6601/6602 SYD-ZQN-SYD, for info on this Charity flight see HERE
Air New Zealand

Flight changes/notables during the period include:
  • Thursday 08-October-2009 saw ZK-OJE operating the NLK flight return to AKL due strong cross winds.
  • Friday 09-October-2009 ZK-OJB BNE-AKL NZ6849 due crew illness
  • Friday 09-October-2009 ZK-OJF again attempted the NLK flight as NZ6840, also resulting in a return to AKL
  • Tuesday 13-October-2009 ZK-OJF returned to service after maintenance
  • Tuesday 13-October-2009 ZK-OJM entered maintenance
The airbus A320 routes, (Trans Tasman and Pacific Islands) which have been flown by Zeal320 Ltd have been operating under the NZ7XX/8XX codes a throw back to the Zeal/Freedom Air days/codes. Air New Zealand have now reverted back to the NZ1XX/2XX codes, inline with their other international codes.

Pacific Blue

Flight changes/notables during the period include:
  • Monday 19-October-2009 Boeing 737-8FE VH-VUF operated a charter flight from/to Townsville as DJ9003/9004
Pacific Blue (Aust) have changed their flight codes from VBH0XX/1XX to VBH40XX/41XX, this change only applies to flights operated by VH registered aircraft and not ZK registered ones. Hence BNE-WLG-BNE is now DJ4068/4069 instead of DJ68/69, while CHC-BNE-CHC DJ83/84 remains unchanged.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Brisbane 13-10-09

I finally managed to spend some time this morning at Brisbane doing some spotting.

Here are the pics relating to airlines covered by this blog.

Jetstar A320 VH-VQC departing as JQ175 to CHC

Air New Zealand Airbus A320 ZK-OJI operating NZ764 to WLG

Air New Zealand Airbus A320 ZK-OJC operating NZ732 to AKL

Qantas Jetconnect Boeing 737-838 ZK-ZQA "Jean Batten" operating QF115 to AKL

Pacific Blue Boeing 737-8FE ZK-PBA operating DJ64 to DUD

Pacific Blue Boeing 737-8FE ZK-PBM operating DJ177 to NAN

Pacific Blue Boeing 73708FE VH-VOQ operating DJ169 to HIR

Pacific Blue Boeing 737-8FE VH-VUG operating DJ197 to DPS

Saturday, October 10, 2009

ANZ response to Pacific Quake

As most are aware Samoa and the surrounding South Pacific was hit by a large earthquake and resulting tsunami on Wednesday 30-September-2009.

There were and continue to be multiple aid, support and medical flights to the South Pacific region by, international airlines, freight airlines, private jets, medical jets, and military's. In keeping with this blogs NZ Civil Airlines theme, this post will only cover the additional response by Air New Zealand to this disaster
  • Wednesday 30-September-2009 Boeing 777-219ER ZK-OKE AKL-APW-AKL NZ862/863 in lieu of scheduled A320
  • Thursday 01-October-2009 Boeing 777-219ER ZK-OKF AKL-APW-AKL NZ60/61 in lieu scheduled 763
  • Saturday 04-September-2009 Airbus A320-232 ZK-OJD AKL-RAR-NAN-AKL NZ848/1485/853
  • Saturday 04-September-2009 Boeing 767-319ER/W ZK-NCI AKL-APW-AKL NZ1068/1069
  • Wednesday 07-September-2009 Boeing 777-219ER ZK-OKG AKL-APW-AKL NZ862/863 in lieu of scheduled A320

Notes for 10-October

Air New Zealand

Period 15-August-2009 to 09-October-2009

During the period since my last post Air New Zealand have been noted making a large number of positioning flights between Auckland and Christchurch with their A320 fleet, some have been done with scheduled services, while others have been straight relocation flights. I wont list them all here as they aren't all that interesting.

However on Wednesday 09-September-2009 ZK-OJM operated a charter flight AKL-WLG as NZ1911, then positioned to CHC as NZ6611, Friday 11-September-2009 saw ZK-OJH also operate a positioning flight AKL-WLG as NZ6613 and charter back to AKL as NZ1912. These charters were associated with the General Secretary of the Vietnamese Communist Party's visit to NZ

Trans-Tasman relocation/positioning flights noted during the period were as follows:
  • Saturday 22-August-2009 ZK-OJB SYD-AKL NZ6314
  • Friday 09-October-2009 ZK-OJB operated NZ769 WLG-BNE then went u/s before ferrying to AKL later that evening as NZ6849
  • Friday 09-October-2009 ZK-OJC was noted operating to/from AKL as NZ6840
Maintenance was undertaken on ZK-OJE from Monday 31-August-2009 until Monday 21-September-2009. This was to correct the wing fairing issue, previously noted in several A320 aircraft worldwide.

Tuesday 22-September-2009 saw ZK-OJF enter maintenance for the same issue.

Pacific Blue

  • Tuesday 15-September-2009 saw VH-VUM position from MEL to PER as DJ9033
  • Wednesday 16-September-2009 saw VH-VUM operate a charter PER-XCH (Christmas Island) and return XCH-PER-MEL as DJ9001/9002.
  • Saturday 19-September-2009 saw the inaugural weekend DJ3252/3255 AKL-ZQN-AKL service operated by ZK-PBD, which also operated the second flight on Sunday 20-September-2009
  • Sunday 20-September-2009 saw VH-VOQ go unserviceable in DenpasarTuesday 22-September-2009 saw the inaugural DJ98/97 APW-BNE-APW service, operated by ZK-PBM, this replaces one of the APW-SYD-APW services.
  • Tuesday 22-September-2009 also saw VH-VOQ return to service after its repair in Denpasar
  • Wednesday 23-September saw disruptions due to the dust storms in SYD, with ZK-PBD operating DJ71 CHC-SYD diverting to BNE before continuing its schedules service by operating DJ7155 to NAN.
  • Monday 28-September-2009 saw ZK-PBG enter the maintenance hanger in CHC for scheduled maintenance.
  • Monday 28-September-2009 also saw VH-VOX arrive into CHC from MEL to cover the maintenance period of PBG
  • Sunday 04-October-2009 saw ZK-PBG operate a test flight CHC-test-CHC as DJ9040 at completion of its maintenance.
  • Monday 05-October-2009 saw VH-VOX return to MEL from CHC and ZK-PBG re-enter service after its maintenance period.
  • Thursday 08-October-2009 saw VH-VUF on the scheduled DJ156 NAN-ADL divert to BNE as DJ7156
  • Friday 09-October-2009 saw VH-VUF continue to ADL from BNE as DJ7158

Pacific Blue have also increased their Australia to Denpasar Bali flights. Flights operate from SYD, BNE, MEL, ADL and PER.
SYD-DPS is now 3x weekly Mo, Tu, Fr
MEL-DPS is now 4x weekly Mo, Tu, Th, Su
ADL-DPS is now 3x weekly Mo, We, Fr
BNE-DPS is 6x weekly Mo, Tu, We, Th, Sa, Su
PER-DPS is daily


Not much to report for JQ in this period the rotation of its fleet between Australian domestic, New Zealand domestic and Trans-Tasman flights continued.

The only change was in the usage of aircraft in the NZ domestic schedule.

The original useage had the 3 aircraft operating the following pattern
this has recently been changed to the following pattern
since the change to the patterns the final AKL-CHC-AKL flight of the day JQ257/258 has operated on time most days, this had been regularly delayed under the previous pattern.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Qantas/Jetconnect Update

There has been a lot of action in and around the Jetconnect fleet since my last post.

Boeing 737-838 ZK-ZQA crossed the tasman as QF6021 MEL-AKL on Wednesday 16-September-2009. It then entered Jetconnect service as QF116/115 AKL-BNE-AKL on Thursday 17-September-2009.

Boeing 737-838 ZK-ZQB was noted making a test flight MEL-test-MEL on Monday 21 September-2009, before positioning MEL-AKL as QF6021 on Wednesday 23-September-2009. It then entered Jetconnect service as QF142/43 AKL-SYD-AKL on Thursday 24-September-2009.

Boeing 737-376 ZK-JNC underwent unplanned maintenance from Saturday 19-September-2009 until Wednesday 30-September-2009 when it was noted making a test flight AKL-test-AKL as QF6003. It then re-entered Jetconnect service as QF142/47 AKL-MEL-WLG on Friday 02-October-2009

Boeing 737-376 ZK-JND flew its last revenue service as QF131 MEL-AKL on Monday 28-September-2009. It has since remained parked in AKL but is scheduled to fly AKL-APW-HNL Saturday 10-October-2009 as QF6024 on the first leg of its trip to storage in the Californian desert.

Boeing 737-878 VH-VZH arrived into MEL as QF6020 from NOU 08-September-2009 and was noted operating QF6020 BFI-HNL-NOU 06/07-September-2009. It will become ZK-ZQC and is scheduled to enter service as QF25 MEL-AKL on 22-October-2009. The entry of ZQC into service will hopefully see ZK-JNC retired.

The following flight changes have been noted during this period.
  • Sunday 20-September-2009 Boeing 737-838 VH-VXR QF47/48 MEL-WLG-MEL
  • Tuesday 22-September-2009 QF142/43/117 canceled
  • Tuesday 22-September-2009 QF48 WLG-SYD (ZK-JTS) diverted to BNE due dust storms in SYD
  • Wednesday 23-September-2009 QF142/47/43/38/133 canceled - due dust storms in SYD
  • Monday 05-October-2009 ZK-ZQB went unserviceable in SYD
  • Tuesday 06-October-2009 Boeing 737-838 VH-VXQ QF141/26 SYD-AKL-MEL
  • Tuesday 06-October-2009 QF133 MEL-AKL canceled
  • Wednesday 07-October-2009 Boeing 737-838 VH-VXR QF115/126 BNE-AKL-BNE
  • Wednesday 07-October-2009 QF116 AKL-BNE canceled, ZK-JNC AKL-BNE as QF6018
  • Thursday 08-September-2009 ZK-ZQB SYD-AKL as QF6018
ZK-JTR is scheduled to operate AKL-CHC as QF6019 Saturday 18-October-2009 to enter scheduled maintenance.

Airport Codes used in this post
AKL: Auckland, New Zealand
APW: Apia, Samoa
BFI: Boeing Field, USA
BNE: Brisbane, Australia
CHC: Christchurch, New Zealand
HNL: Honolulu, Hawaii
MEL: Melbourne, Australia
NOU: Noumea
SYD: Sydney, Australia
WLG: Wellington, New Zealand

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pacific Blue Notes

Pacific Blue have launched their new trans-tasman routes; Hamilton to Sydney & Brisbane, Dunedin to Brisbane, Sydney to Queenstown and Wellington to Sydney. The launches were as follows.
  • Monday 31-August-2009 ZK-PBJ operated DJ9050 from AKL to HLZ via some overflying of towns and cities in the region to promote the launch.
  • Tuesday 01-September-2009 ZK-PBJ launched the inaugural PBN103 HLZ-SYD, followed by PBN88 SYD-ZQN, and PBN89 ZQN-SYD.
  • Wednesday 02-September-2009 saw ZK-PBA operate the inaugural PBN104 SYD-HLZ
  • Thursday 03-September-2009 saw ZK-PBD operate the inaugural PBN64 BNE-DUD and PBN65 DUD-BNE
  • Thursday 03-September-2009 also saw ZK-PBG operate the inaugural PBN86 BNE-HLZ
  • Saturday 05-September-2009 saw ZK-PBI opearate the inaugural PBN85 HLZ-BNE
  • Monday 14-September-2009 saw ZK-PBD operate the inaugural PBN56 SYD-WLG and then PBN57 WLG-SYD, although this is a resumption of the SYD-WLG connection after a few years absence.

Virgin Blue/Pacific Blue have painted Boeing 737-8FE VH-VUF 'Hobart Honey' in Pacific Blue colours, VUF re-entered domestic Australian service as VOZ1814 TSV-MEL on Thursday 10-September-2009. As yet VUF is yet to enter international route service.

Boeing 737-7FE VH-VBZ which was slated for painting into Pacific Blue colours has not yet received the paint job, and these plans now appear to either be on hold, or canceled.

ZK-PBJ operating PBN92 APW-AKL diverted to WLG arriving on Monday 14-September-2009 at 0440 local time, it then departed as DJ7092 at 0715 local.

Codes used in this post:
Flight/Airline Codes
DJ - Virgin Blue/Pacific Blue
PBN - Pacific Blue (NZ)
PBH - Pacific Blue (Aust)
VOZ - Virgin Blue

Airport Codes
APW - Apia, Samoa
AKL - Auckland, New Zealand
BNE - Brisbane, Australia
DUD - Dunedin, New Zealand
HLZ - Hamilton, New Zealand
SYD - Sydney, Australia
WLG - Wellington, New Zealand
ZQN - Queenstown, New Zealand

Monday, September 14, 2009

Jetconnect's new build Boeing 737-838s

The first two new build Boeing 737-838s for Jetconnect have now arrived in Melbourne, for final EIS (entry into service) work with Qantas, before they begin their Trans-Tasman flying duties.

ZK-ZQA and ZK-ZQB arrived into MEL under Australian registrations VH-VZF and VH-VZG, with VZF arriving on Thursday 03-September-2009 as QF6020 from Nadi. VZG arrived from Nadi on Sunday 06-September-2009 also as QF6020.

ZK-ZQA is the 75th Boeing 737 delivered to the Qantas group (including Australian Airlines) and wears a special commemorative sticker on her nose, for this.

ZK-ZQA is named Jean Batten, while ZK-ZQB is named Sir William Hudson.

ZQA and ZQB will replace current Jetconnect Boeing 737-376s ZK-JNC and ZK-JNN.

JNN is scheduled to be withdrawn today Monday 14-September-2009, although it has not flown since arriving in AKL as QF113 from SYD on Tuesday 08-September-2009. (Jetconnect have been operating VH-VXU on MEL-AKL-SYD-AKL-MEL QF25/114/113/134 during the past week)

*****JNN departed AKL around 0600NZST bound for Apia and Honolulu as QF6024, believed to be on its flight to storage in the Californian desert.*****

and JND will retire during October. The fates of JNC, JND and JNN are as yet unknown.

ZQA can be seen HERE - note wearing VH-VZF rego, with ZQA on tail and nose gear doors

ZQB can be see HERE - note wearing VH-VZG rego, with ZQB on tail and nose gear doors

Another item of note is the 6 new Boeing 737-838s being built for Jetconnect will be the first in the Qantas fleet to feature individual seat back PTVs for all passengers.

The 3rd 737-838 ZK-ZQC is due for delivery to Qantas/Jetconnect in October and as mentioned will replace ZK-JND.

Monday, August 17, 2009

August 10-16

Qantas Jetconnect
Operational Spare ZK-JNC operated the AKL-BNE-AKL-BNE-AKL QF116/115/126/125 four times this week, comprising of Monday 10-August-2009, Tuesday 11-August-2009, Saturday 15-August-2009 & Sunday 16-August-2009.

Thursday 13-August-2009 saw ZK-JTS operating QF38 WLG-MEL with QF133 MEL-AKL then canceled, as a result the corresponding AKL-MEL QF134 the next morning Friday 14-August-2009 was also cancelled before JTS resumed QF37 MEL-WLG.

Pacific Blue
ZK-PBD returned to service on Monday 10-August-2009 being replaced in maintenance by ZK-PBA, while VH-VOX continues to cover these aircraft.

VH-VUG replaced VH-VOQ on the BNE-WLG-BNE DJ68/69 overnighter, entering the route on Wednesday 12-August-2009 as DJ68, it continues on the route with the exception of Saturday 15-August-2009 when VOQ operated the overnighter.
DJ68 Thursday 13-August-2009 was delayed until 0200 Friday 14-August-2009 with the return DJ69 delayed by just an hour to 0800.

VH-VOX operating DJ181 BNE-VLI on Saturday 15-August-2009 was delayed in Port Vila and the return DJ180 did not arrive back into Brisbane until the early hours of Sunday 16-August-2009, VOX spent the rest of Sunday operating to and from CHC.

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand operated Boeing 767-319ER ZK-NCK on NZ131/132 AKL-BNE-AKL on Tuesday 11-August-2009 in lieu of the scheduled Boeing 777-219ER.

Friday 14-August-2009 saw Boeing 767-319ER ZK-NCI operating the morning AKL-BNE-AKL rotation.

Jetstar swapped a few aircraft this week.  
Tuesday 11-August-2009 saw VH-VQD swap with VH-VQS in CHC with VQD returning to trans-tasman duties and VQS returning to domestic duties.  VQD then swapped with VH-VQU in  MEL.

Wednesday 12-August-2009 saw bad weather once agian force the cancellation of the Queenstown services, with VH-VQT positioning back to AKL as JQ7984

Thursday 13-August-2009 saw VH-VQC and VH-VQF swap in AKL with VQC returning to Domestic and VQF returning to trans-tasman routes.

Monday, August 10, 2009

July 27- August 09

Monday 27-July-2009 saw VH-VQF and VH-VQC swap in AKL. VQF re-entered domestic service while VQC re-entered trans-tasman services.

Saturday 01-August-2009 saw VH-VQC swap with VH-VQE in AKL. VQC re-entered domestic operations while VQE returned to the tasman run.

VH-VQE's tasman run was short lived when it changed with VH-VQD in OOL in the evening of Saturday 01-August-2009

Sunday 02-August-2009 saw bad weather prevent the JQ domestic flights from getting into Queenstown, and VH-VQF positioned back to AKL as JQ7984

Wednesday 05-August-2009 saw the cancellation of the morning return JQ244/247 CHC-AKL-CHC, this was to have been operated by VH-VQR

Thursday 06-August-2009 saw a double change with VH-VQR swapping with VH-VQA in CHC and VH-VQC swapping with VH-VQD in AKL. VQR returned to CHC trans-tasman flights while VQA entered Domestic service for the first time.

Saturday 08-August-2009 saw VH-VQR swap with VH-VQT in OOL on the CHC-OOL-CHC routing. VQT then arrived into AKL due to fog in CHC.

Sunday 09-August saw several changes with VH-VQT entering domestic service and VH-VQA returning to the tasman. VQA then swapped in MEL with VH-VQB. As mentioned VQT arrived into AKL due fog, causing the cancellation of JQ244, with VQT entering domestic service as JQ247 AKL-CHC

Pacific Blue
Virgin Blue Boeing 737-8FE VH-VOX arrived into CHC in the early hours of Monday 03-August-2009 as DJ9070, it then entered domestic service in lieu of ZK-PBD which is undergoing maintenance.

VH-VUN operated DJ69/68 from Monday 27-July-2009 to Thursday 30-July-2009

VH-VUM operated the DJ69/68 combo overnight Wednesday/Thursday 5/6-August-2009

VH-VUQ then operated the overnight DJ69/68 combo on Saturday/Sunday 08/09-August-2009

VH-VBZ the Virgin Blue Boeing 737-7FE which was scheduled to be repainted into Pacific Blue title in Darwin at the end of July remains in Virgin Blue titles, and isn't yet rescheduled for the change.
Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand operated Boeing 767-319ER ZK-NCI on NZ731/732 on Friday 07-August-2009

Air New Zealand have announced they will launch SYD-ROT (Rotorua) services from early December. More details can be found in their press release HERE
The schedule is as follows
Saturdays from 12 December 09
Sydney - Rotorua 0920/1435
Rotorua - Sydney 1535/1720

Monday 21 and 28 December 09
Rotorua - Sydney 0920/1105
Sydney - Rotorua 1205/1720

Monday 4, 11, 18 and 25 January 10
Rotorua - Sydney 1330/1515
Sydney - Rotorua 1615/2125

Tuesday from 2 February 10
Sydney - Rotorua 0920/1435
Rotorua - Sydney 1535/1720

Qantas Jetconnect

Monday 27-July-2009
ZK-JNC operated AKL-WLG-SYD with the AKL-WLG leg operating as QF6171
QF117 SYD-WLG was operated by Qantas mainline Boeing 737-476 VH-TJU
ZK-JTP operated WLG-SYD-WLG-AKL with the WLG-AKL leg as QF6172

Tuesday 28-July-2009 saw VH-TJU operate the return QF118. While ZK-JNC operated the remaining SYD-WLG-MEL-AKL legs.

Wednesday 29-July-2009 saw ZK-JND operate WLG-SYD-WLG-AKL positioning to AKL as QF6172, and as a result QF38 WLG-MEL and QF133 MEL-AKL were canceled. ZK-JNC operated the AKL-BNE-AKL-BNE-AKL flights today.

Thursday 30-July-2009
ZK-JNC operated AKL-WLG-MEL-AKL with the AKL-WLG positioning leg as QF6171
ZK-JTP operated WLG-SYD-WLG-AKL with the WLG-AKL leg as QF6174
QF 48/117 WLG-SYD-WLG was canceled.

the remaining movements of "Operational Spare" ZK-JNC
Saturday 01-August-2009 AKL-BNE-AKL-BNE QF116/115/126/125
Sunday 02-August-2009 AKL-BNE-AKL-BNE QF116/115/126/125
Monday 03-August-2009 AKL-SYD-AKL QF142/43
Tuesday 04-August-2009 AKL-BNE-AKL-BNE QF116/115/126/125
Wednesday 05-August-2009 AKL-BNE-AKL-SYD 116/115/44
Thursday 06-August-2009 SYD-AKL-SYD-AKL QF141/114/113
Friday 07-August-2009 AKL-SYD-AKL-SYD QF142/43/44
Saturday 08-August-2009 SYD-AKL-BNE-AKL QF141/126/125
Sunday 09-Auckland-2009 AKL-BNE-AKL-BNE-AKL QF116/115/126/125

Vincent Aviation

There has been plenty of action in the past two weeks with Vincent Aviation's Jetstream 31 ZK-JSH, it has been noticed making flights at NSN and also to WLG and CHC.
Its delivery to Vincent for their calibration work contract appears to be imminent.

Monday, July 27, 2009

July 20-26

Air New Zealand
Air New Zealand retired Boeing 737-3U3 ZK-FRE after it operated NZ557 AKL-CHC on Sunday 26-July-2009. It had been meant to retire on Saturday 25-July-2009 but remained in service an extra day to cover ZK-NGD returning late from a C check.

FRE will undergo end of lease maintenance with ANZES in CHC before being repainted in the colours of its new operator Webjet, of Brazil. FRE is expected to depart CHC in 6-8 weeks bound for its new Brazillian home.

Airbus A320 ZK-OJH operated WLG-CHC as NZ6501 for repairs on Thursday 23-July-2009 after being hit by a baggage tug while loading.

This weeks additional capacity NZ131/132 AKL-BNE-AKL on Friday 24-July-2009 was operated by Boeing 767-319ER ZK-NCL.

Qantas Jetconnect
Operational Spare Boeing 737-376 ZK-JNC continued to work full time covering maintenance operating the following flights
21-July-2009 AKL-BNE-AKL-BNE-AKL
22-July-2009 AKL-WLG-SYD-WLG
23-July-2009 WLG-SYD-WLG-MEL
24-July-2009 MEL-WLG-SYD-WLG
25-July-2009 WLG-SYD-WLG-MEL-AKL
26-July-2009 AKL-BNE-AKL-BNE-AKL

As noted above JNC positioned AKL-WLG on Wednesday 22-July-2009 while ZK-JNN operating AKL-MEL-WLG returned to AKL instead.
QF133 MEL-AKL was cancelled on Thursday 23-July-2009 as was the return AKL-MEL QF132 on Friday 24-July-2009.

Saturday 25-July-2009 saw Boeing 737-476 ZK-JTS operating QF116 AKL-BNE return to AKL with the loss of cabin pressure. Passengers were transferred to ZK-JND which operated a delayed QF116/115 service.

Thursday 23-July-2009 saw VH-VQF swap with VH-VQE with VQF returning to AKL tasman routes while VQE entered domestic service for the first time.

Thursday also saw another first with the first JQ A320 to land at Hamilton. VH-VQC diverted to HLZ due to fog in AKL, after refueling it continued onto AKL.

Saturday 25-July-2009 saw a tasman aircraft swap with VH-VQU swap with VH-VQS in BNE on the CHC-BNE-CHC route. This is believed to be an unscheduled swap due maintenance issues as the return JQ183 flight was delayed by 6 hours.

Pacific Blue
The only notable Pacific Blue movement was the swap from VH-VOQ to VH-VUN on the DJ68/69 WLG route on Sunday 26-July-2009. VOQ arrived into BNE as DJ69 before continuing onto DPS while VUN entered the BNE-POM-BNE route before continuing onto WLG as DJ68.

Monday, July 20, 2009

July 12-19 Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand
Monday 13-July-2009
Boeing 767-319ER ZK-NCJ arrived back from maintenance in HKG today sporting the new Aviation Partners Boeing blended winglets and zonal dryers. Pics can be found on Mike's blog HERE, or the Wings over NZ forum HERE - thanks to Colin Hunter for taking the photos.

Thursday 16-July-2009
Boeing 747-419 ZK-NBV operated a charter today as NZ1981 for the flight center global ball. It operated AKL-BNE-HKG-BCN(Barcelona, Spain)

Friday 17-July-2009
NZ131/132 the capacity increased friday morning AKL-BNE-AKL flight was today operated by ZK-NCL

Saturday 18-July-2009
A320-232 ZK-OJG operating NZ841 RAR-CHC saw an early morning divert to WLG due fog in CHC, before continuing to CHC later on Saturday after the fog had cleared.

July 12-19 Qantas Jetconnect & Mainline

Qantas Jetconnect & Mainline
A busy period for QF as well.

Sunday 12-July-2009
Boeing 737-476 ZK-JTQ operate QF38 WLG-MEL before entering maintenance in MEL. As a result Boeing 737-376 ZK-JND operated AKL-MEL-AKL as QF6131 to fly the passengers on QF133 MEL-AKL to AKL.
Operational Spare Boeing 737-376 ZK-JNC was in service today operating AKL-BNE-AKL-BNE-AKL

Monday 13-July-2009
ZK-JNC again operated the AKL-BNE-AKL-BNE-AKL route covering maintenance
ZK-JND operated QF132 AKL-MEL then went unserviceable, causing the cancellation of QF37/38/133 MEL-WLG-MEL-AKL

Tuesday 14-July-2009
ZK-JNC continued on the AKL-BNE-AKL-BNE-AKL route covering maintenance
ZK-JND positioned from MEL to WLG as QF6002 before operating QF38/133 WLG-MEL-AKL
Boeing 767-338 VH-OGC operated MEL-WLG as QF37D before positioning back to SYD as QF6018

Wednesday 15-July-2009
ZK-JNC continued on the AKL-BNE-AKL-BNE-AKL route covering maintenance
ZK-JND operated QF48 WLG-SYD then QF117 SYD-WLG was forced to divert to AKL due to ETOPS issues, before JND underwent 3 days of maintenance.
Boeing 767-338 VH-OGC operated SYD-AKL-SYD today as QF6030/6031 covering for Lan Chille

Thursday 16-July-2009
ZK-JNC today operated AKL-MEL-WLG-SYD-WLG covering maintenance
Boeing 737-476 VH-TJE operated SYD-AKL-SYD QF43/44 today covering maintenance.
Boeing 767-338 VH-OGV operated BNE-AKL-BNE as QF6030/6031 today covering for Emrates

Friday 17-July-2009
ZK-JNC operated WLG-SYD-WLG-MEL-AKL covering maintenance
Boeing 737-838 VH-VXJ operated QF141/114/113/134 SYD-AKL-SYD-AKL-MEL today covering maintenance.

Saturday 18-July-2009
ZK-JNC operated the morning AKL-BNE-AKL only today.
ZK-JND re-entered service today on the afternoon AKL-BNE-AKL
Boeing 737-838 VH-VYE operated QF25/26 MEL-AKL-MEL today.
ZK-JTQ re-entered service as QF131 MEL-AKL this evening
Boeing 767-338 VH-OGT operating QF45 SYD-CHC diverted to WLG this morning due to Fog in CHC, it continued to CHC after the Fog cleared.

July 12-19 Pacific Blue

Pacific Blue
A quiet period for Pacific Blue with VH-VOX operating into WLG as DJ68 Tuesday 14-July-2009, and back to BNE as DJ69 Wednesday 15-July-2009.

While the overnight Friday/Sunday flights from Brisbane to Nadi DJ175/176 appear to have finished, and have been removed from the schedule for the next few months at least.

Pacific Blue have applied to the IASC for 720 additional weekly seats on its DPS service to allow it to add 4 extra flights a week into DPS.

This comes on top of the additional 180 seat capacity they applied for, and granted on the Brisbane-Honiara service to take this flight to 3x weekly, with Saturday the likely contender.

There is also talk of Phuket Thailand being added as a tack-on to the DPS flights.

And finally Pacific Blue have recently been given ETOPS 180 minutes for their 737-800 fleet.

July 12-19 Jetstar

Jetstar have been very busy rotating their fleet in the period.

Tuesday 14-July-2009 VH-VQB swapped with VH-VQR in AKL with VQB returning to tasman duties and VQR entering domestic for the first time.

Wednesday 15-July-2009 saw VH-VQT swap with VH-VQU in CHC with VQT returning to tasman duties and VQU entering domestic for its first time.

VH-VQR diverted to Dunedin today before positioning back to AKL as JQ7982

Thursday 16-July-2009 saw VH-VQU swap with VH-VQC in CHC with VQU returning to tasman duties after only one day and VQC entering domestic for its first time.

VQR diverted to Dunedin for a second time today before positioning back to CHC, while VQD diverted to CHC then positioned to AKL as JQ7982

VH-VQT swapped in MEL on the CHC run, with VH-VQA entering tasman service for its first time

VH-VQB swapped in OOL on the AKL run, with VH-VQF re-entering tasman service.

Friday 17-July-2009 saw VQR again divert, this time positioning back to AKL as JQ7984

Saturday 18-July-2009 saw a few domestic disruptions due to fog in CHC with one flight diverting and three cancelled.

Sunday 19-July-2009 saw VH-VQD swap with VH-VQF in AKL with VQD returning to tasman duties and VQF on domestic for the first time.

VH-VQD operated the AKL-SYD return then AKL-OOL before swapping with VH-VQE

Sunday, July 12, 2009

July 05-11

Air New Zealand
Monday 06-July-2009
Airbus A320-232 ZK-OJI arrived back into Auckland from Melbourne as NZ6022

Tuesday 07-July-2009

Boeing 737-319 ZK-NGI operated NZ731/732 AKL-BNE-AKL
Airbus A320-232 ZK-OJO positioned from CHC to AKL as NZ6312

Friday 10-July-2009

Boeing 767-319ER ZK-NCI operated this weeks NZ131/132

Sunday 05-July-2009
ZK-JNC operated AKL-BNE-AKL-BNE-AKL covering for ZK-JTP being out of service

Monday 06-July-2009

ZK-JNC operated AKL-MEL-WLG-SYD-WLG then positioned to AKL
ZK-JND operated WLG-SYD-WLG-MEL-AKL then positioned back to WLG
ZK-JTP was still out of service

Tuesday 06-July-2009


Thursday 09-July-2009

ZK-JNN operating QF117 SYD-WLG ended up in AKL

Friday 10-July-2009

ZK-JNN positioned from AKL to WLG before operating WLG-SYD-WLG-MEL-AKL
ZK-JNC operated AKL-MEL-WLG-SYD-WLG covering for ZK-JND which was out of service

Saturday 11-July-2009

ZK-JND operated the morning QF116/115 AKL-BNE-AKL only
ZK-JNN operated the afternoon QF126/125 AKL-BNE-AKL only

Pacific Blue
Sunday 05-July-2009 saw ZK-PBK position from AKl to CHC as DJ7096

Pacific Blue operated VH-VUQ on DJ68/69 on 08-10-July-2009

VH-VOX was noted making a couple of ferry flights on Wednesday 08-July-2009 as DJ9061 then on Thursday 09-July-2009 as DJ9002

Saturday 11-July-2009 VH-VOQ operating DJ68 BNE-WLG was delayed until 0115 Sunday 12-July-2009 resulting in an 0655 arrival into WLG.

Jetstar swapped Airbus A320-232 VH-VQU for VH-VQC on Sunday 05-July-2009 in MEL on the CHC-MEL-CHC run.

VH-VQU then re-entered trans-tasman CHC service also in MEL on Thursday 09-July-2009 when it swapped with VH-VQE

Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 02-04

Pacific Blue
Pacific Blue operated Boeing 737-8FE VH-VUG on Saturday 04-July-2009 as DJ68 BNE-WLG.

Air New Zealand
Thursday 02-July-2009 saw Boeing 737-3U3 ZK-FRE operate NZ937/938 AKL-OOL-AKL

Friday 03-July-2009 saw ZK-FRE again operate the AKL-OOL-AKL NZ937/938 flight while Boeing 767-319ER ZK-NCI operated the morning NZ131/132 AKL-BNE-AKL flight - a special upgrade on the route fridays only for 4 weeks.

Saturday 04-July-2009 saw ZK-FRE again on the tasman this time as NZ738/739 AKL-BNE-AKL. We also saw A320 ZK-OJE operate back to AKL from BNE as NZ6842.

Thursday 02-July-2009's QF134 AKL-MEL was delayed until Friday 03-July-2009 and was operated by Boeing 737-376 ZK-JNC.

ZK-JNC then operated the following flights on Friday 03-July-2009 QF25/26/131 MEL-AKL-MEL-AKL in place of Boeing 737-476 ZK-JTP which is laid up.

Saturday 04-July-2009 saw ZK-JNC operate AKL-BNE-AKL-BNE-AKL in place of ZK-JTP

Jetstar continue to have problems with their new Domestic services, and were featured on Friday 03-July-2009 on NZ current affairs show Close Up on TV1.

Saturday 04-July-2009 saw VH-VQU and VH-VQR swap in OOL with VQU arriving from AKL and departing to CHC and VQR arriving from CHC and departing to AKL.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Notes for June 26 to July 01

Air New Zealand
Air New Zealand continue to operate charters associated with the Simon & Garfunkel tour of Australia.

Monday 29-June-2009 saw A320-232 ZK-OJN operate NZ6045/1946/6048 SYD-MEL-ADL-SYD to move the tour party from Melbourne to Adelaide.

Tuesday 30-June-2009 saw A320-232 ZK-OJH position from CHC to ADL as NZ6045.
Wednesday 01-July-2009 saw ZK-OJH operate NZ1943/6046/6045 ADL-PER-ADL-CHC as the tour moved from Adelaide to Perth.

Other NZ movements noted in this period include:
Friday 26-June-2009 Boeing 767-319ER ZK-NCJ operated NZ731/732 AKL-BNE-AKL in leiu of the standard A320.

Sunday 28-June-2009 saw A320-232 ZK-OJC operate NZ6313 positioning from WLG to CHC to start the day, and A320-232 ZK-OJN position from AKL to WLG to complete the day.

ZK-OJC arrived into AKL in the early hours of Tuesday 30-June-2009 as NZ6840 from Sydney

Wednesday 01-July-2009 saw Boeing 737-319 ZK-NGH operate NZ195/196 CHC-MEL-CHC in leiu of an A320.

Pacific Blue
DJ68 BNE-WLG on Monday 29-June-2009 operated by VH-VOQ was delayed from 1800 29-June-2009 until 0115 30-June-2009 resulting in the aircraft arriving into WLG at 0650, it then departed as DJ69 at 0750

Pacific Blue operated former NZ based ZK-PBL, now VH-VUQ on DJ68/69 BNE-WLG-BNE overnight Tuesday 30-June-2009/Wednesday 01-July-2009

Pacific Blue also made and unusual aircraft change in SYD on Monday 29-June-2009 with ZK-PBF operating DJ182 TBU-SYD then continuing onto AKL as DJ54 while ZK-PBD operating DJ73 from Christchurch operated a delayed return service SYD-TBU DJ183 before continuing onto AKL as DJ178


Jetstar continued to shuffle their NZ fleet around with the following changed noted:
Monday 29-June-2009 saw A320-232 VH-VQC swap in MEL for VH-VQE on the CHC trans-tasman run.
Tuesday 30-June-2009 saw A320-232 VH-VQD come off AKL trans-tasman service and enter domestic services while A320-232 VH-VQS completed the opposite transition, before being swapped in OOL for VH-VQU.

Qantas Jetconnect
Qantas continue to regularly use their operational spare Boeing 737-376 ZK-JNC to cover maintenance of their fleet.
25-June-2009 it operated AKL-SYD-AKL covering for B734 ZK-JTQ
26-June-2009 it operated AKL-SYD-AKL-BNE-AKL covering for ZK-JTQ
27-June-2009 it operated AKL-BNE-AKL-BNE-AKL covering for ZK-JTQ
28-June-2009 it operated AKL-BNE-AKL-BNE-AKL covering for ZK-JTQ
30-June-2009 it operated AKL-BNE-AKL-BNE-AKL covering for ZK-JND & ZK-JTR, (ZK-JND had a few issues in WLG necessitating ZK-JTR to operate from AKL to WLG as QF6171 then operate the scheduled QF118/47 before positioning back to AKL as QF6172)

On Friday 26-June-2009 ZK-JND operating as QF37/133 from WLG to MEL and AKL was forced to cancel the QF133 portion of its flight due to Fog in AKL. The corresponding QF132 AKL-MEL was canceled the following morning with JND beginning its day as QF38 MEL-WLG.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Notes June 21-25 (edited)

Pacific Blue
Pacific Blue has started using Virgin Blue Boeing 737-8FE VH-VUG on its Denpesar Bali routes. VUG entered service as DJ151 SYD-DPS on Monday 15-June-2009. It also operated to WLG on Saturday 20-June-2009 as DJ68.

Virgin/Pacific Blue operated a charter to/from Christmas Island (XCH) arriving from Perth and returning to ADL on Wednesday 24-June-2009 as DJ9001/9002 using Pacific Blue 737 VH-VUN.

Pacific Blue have had a few issues with their dedicated WLG aircraft VH-VOQ. DJ68 BNE-WLG was canceled on Tues 23-June-2009 and the return DJ69 WLG-BNE on Weds 24-June-2009.

On Weds 24-June-2009 VOQ operated BNE-WLG-BNE as DJ7068/7071. The scheduled DJ68 was delayed until 0130 Thurs 25-June-2009 and arrived in WLG at 0705.

Operational Spare ZK-JNC operated AKL-WLG then the scheduled QF38/133 WLG-MEL-AKL on Friday 19-June-2009.

Then on Sunday 21-June-2009 ZK-JNC operated AKL-WLG as QF6171 before operating WLG-SYD-WLG as QF48/117.

On Tuesday 23-June-2009 JNC positioned back to AKL as QF6172 before operating QF116/115 AKL-BNE-AKL.

Air New Zealand
Air New Zealand have operated two charters this week with Airbus A320-232 ZK-OJB operating both flights.

The first was on Monday 22-June-2009 when OJB operated SYD-HIR as NZ1961 and positioned back to SYD as NZ6062.

On Weds 24-June-2009 OJB operated the second charter from SYD to MEL as NZ1943 before positioning back to SYD as 6044.
Thanks to MC for the confirmation that this charter went to Melbourne.


The new Jetstar domestic schedule came into effect on Weds 24-June-2009 with the introduction of additional services on AKL-CHC and AKL-WLG and the introduction of the new CHC-WLG service. The new schedule also has some more "padding" to help JQ sort there OTP issues that have plagued them since their startup.

Tuesday 23-June-2009 saw the change of VH-VQC with VH-VQD in OOL with VQC having arrived from AKL before returning to CHC and VQD the reverse.

Weds 24-June-2009 saw JQ swap out VH-VQC for VH-VQR in MEL on the CHC-MEL-CHC flight.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Notes for June 18-20

Air New Zealand
Thurs 18-June-2009 Boeing 737-319 ZK-NGI NZ801/802 CHC-BNE-CHC
Fri 19-June-2009 Boeing 737-319 ZK-NGI NZ201/202 CHC-BNE-CHC
Airbus A320 ZK-OJA AKL-BNE-SYD-CHC NZ6043/1942/6044 operating a charter flight BNE-SYD
Sat 20-June-2009 Boeing 737-3U3 ZK-NGD NZ939/936 AKL-OOL-AKL
Airbus A320-232 ZK-OJA NZ6316 CHC-AKL

Jetstar continue using all 3 A320s on their domestic services to improve their OTP. (On time performance)
Sat 20-June-2009 VH-VQT operating JQ279 AKL-ZQN diverted to CHC due to weather closing Queenstown. As a result 3 flights ZQN-CHC-ZQN-AKL were cancelled and VH-VQT positioned back to AKL as JQ7984.

Boeing 737-376 ZK-JNB continued its ferry flight on Thurs 18-June-2009 flying from APW-HNL-ONT Apia Samoa to Honolulu Hawaii to Ontario California, on its final flight to Arizona where it is expected to be broken up and parted out.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Futher movements June 17

Wednesday 17-June-2009


Boeing 737-376 ZK-JNB departed NZ shores on the first leg of its ferry flight to the Arizona desert, departing Christchurch direct to Apia Samoa as QF6022.

Jetstar pressed A320 VH-VQS into service starting with JQ251 AKL-CHC to help improve their "ontime performance" after delays to previous flights meaning VH-VQT arrived back late into AKL after the morning rotations.

Jetstar also swapped VH-VQF for VH-VQC in OOL due to a mechanical issue, resulting in VQC's return to the tasman runs from AKL one day after leaving the CHC tasman runs.

Air New Zealand
NZ795/796 CHC-MEL-CHC was operated by Boeing 737-3U3 ZK-NGD in lieu of an A320.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Notes for June 17

A few changes to the fleet usage over the period in focus. Operational spare Boeing 737-376 ZK-JNC has been working full time on the AKL-BNE-AKL-BNE-AKL route QF116/115/126/125.
It began operations on Saturday 13-June-2009 to cover an engine change to Boeing 737-476 ZK-JTS, and is now covering a maintenance period with Boeing 737-376 ZK-JNN not flying.

ZK-JTS positioned from AKL to CHC on Saturday 13-June-2009 for the engine change as QF6171 and on Sunday 14-June-2009 positioned back to AKL as QF6172 after the change.

On Tuesday 16-June-2009 ZK-JND positioned from WLG to AKL as QF6174, with Boeing 737-476 ZK-JTQ positioning from AKL to WLG as QF6173. This resulted in the cancellation of QF48/117 WLG-SYD-WLG being canceled.

A bit of a bumpy start for Jetstar in NZ domestic, with the malfunction of an automatic baggage loader in Wellington, and while Kiwi's get used to the ways of a LCC. Flights have been operating late as a result, but things are reported to be getting better as people become accustomed to the change, and the new services.

Jetstar have been operating Airbus A320-232s VH-VQB and VH-VQT domestically, with VH-VQF operating the AKL trans-tasman flights and VH-VQC and VH-VQU the CHC trans-tasman flights.

On Tuesday 16-June-2009 Jetstar positioned A320 VH-VQS from SYD to AKL as JQ7993, and also swapped VH-VQC for VH-VQD in MEL on the CHC-MEL-CHC flight.

Pacific Blue
Pacific Blue have been using Boeing 737-8BK VH-VOX on domestic flights in New Zealand to cover the scheduled maintenance of its NZ fleet. VH-VOX entered domestic service on Monday 08-June-2009 on CHC-WLG-AKL flight, having arrived in CHC from SYD. It has covered for both ZK-PBI and now ZK-PBK as they undergo routine maintenance.

Air New Zealand
Air New Zealand have a couple of A320s laid up in maintenance and as a result have had the following noted operating on the trans-tasman routes.
Monday 08-June-2009 Boeing 737-319 ZK-NGJ NZ731/732/739/738 AKL-BNE-AKL-BNE-AKL
Sunday 14-June-2009 Boeing 737-319 ZK-NGH NZ203/204 CHC-BNE-CHC
Monday 15-June-2009 Boeing 737-3U3 ZK-FRE NZ191/192 CHC-MEL-CHC Tuesday 16 June-2009 Boeing 737-319 ZK-NGH NZ195/196 CHC-MEL-CHC

Also noted during the period was an internal repositioning flight of A320-232 ZK-OJD operating NZ6312 from CHC to AKL

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